iPhone 11 Camera Outer Glass Replacement

The iPhone 11 is a feature-packed smartphone. It has a new camera system design that may not be good to look at, but very effective in taking great pictures and videos. There’s something to be said about the iPhone’s camera glass design before we can talk about our iPhone 11 camera outer glass replacement. From its history, this piece of glass has only grown larger with each new generation. It’s always got a few millimetres raised edges. Yes, it’s not flat against the iPhone 11 case. It’s also not flushed so that it can be protected from scratches or even cracks.

Sydney CBD iPhone Repairs perform iPhone 11 camera outer glass replacement to all iPhone 11 units that we get in the shop. There are units of iPhone 11 that were delivered into the shop and needed screen replacement. These units will most likely need some camera outer glass replacement too. These are cases of iPhone 11 that were dropped multiple times and most likely hit the camera glass side. This has caused some major issues to customers who opted not to have an iPhone 11 camera outer glass replacement right when they had their iPhone 11 repaired. Here, we list the reasons why not having an iPhone 11 camera outer glass replacement can ruin your iPhone 11.

Unusable Photos

One of the telltale signs that you need an iPhone 11 camera outer glass replacement is when your photos are weird. Even if you’re not the world’s best photographer or videographer, you will know that an image is good or bad.But if your iPhone 11’s camera glass is shattered or scratched up, you just can’t use the photos or videos that you take with it. It will show up in every image or video. You know the solution for this? An iPhone 11 camera outer glass replacement will eliminate this issue. 

Damaged Camera

If you can prevent it, you should. This is the same with cars as with smartphones. Maintenance can prevent bigger parts failures. An iPhone 11 camera outer glass replacement is very inexpensive. If you try to compare it to the camera lens and sensor that it is protecting behind it, you’ll see the point. Yes, it’s more expensive to have those components replaced. So, if you didn’t have an iPhone 11 camera outer glass replacement soon, you’ll be exposing these sensitive components to water and dust. If you want to prolong the life of your iPhone 11, you definitely should have an iPhone 11 camera outer glass screen replacement.

Here in Sydney CBD iPhone Repairs, we offer you quality iPhone 11 camera outer glass replacement for a very reasonable price. Yes, you may ignore that fact that you can still use your iPhone 11 without getting one, but as what we have noted above, you’ll be better off spending a few bucks on an iPhone 11 camera outer glass replacement than to replace your camera assembly inside.

Just visit us in the shop or send over your iPhone 11 so we can hook you up with our special offers and rebates. Our iPhone 11 camera outer glass replacement is not something you can just pass up. So what are you waiting for? Call us at 02 8011 4119 for your iPhone 11 back glass replacement.

We offer the best iPhone 11 camera outer glass replacement to help you save money and keep your broken smartphone from the bin. Our technicians are iPhone experts because they are specifically trained for iOS device repairs. If you want, you can take your iPhone 11 directly to our repair shop in Sydney CBD. If you can’t visit us personally, just post your smartphone to us so we can do the iPhone 11 camera outer glass replacement repair for you.


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