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We know the feeling. You got an older model iPhone. You got it for many years now. However, you got it smashed on your marble kitchen floor. It’s heartbreaking and the thought of having an iPhone 7 repair is daunting at first. What if the shop you went to doesn’t offer iPhone 7 repair services? What if they messed up and damaged your old iPhone 7? What if the service is expensive for a simple iPhone 7 repair? What if it takes a while to finish a quick iPhone 7 repair? We got the answer for you. We do quality iPhone 7 repair for reasonable prices.

Did you know that Apple doesn’t want you to have an iPhone 7 repair because it’s not good for their business model? They’d rather have you buy a new iPhone 7 than have an iPhone 7 repair. Some parts of the iPhone 7 are actually fixable. Like the screen or battery. The cost of an iPhone 7 repair is a fraction of the total cost of a new iPhone. Think about it. Apple wants more of your money by telling you that it’s not worth it to have an iPhone 7 repair. But here in Sydney CBD iPhone Repairs, we can confidently say that it’s totally worth it for you to have an iPhone 7 repair.

One more reason to opt for an iPhone 7 repair is the practicality of it. Once you buy a new iPhone, then you will have to do the tedious re-installation of all your apps. You will also need to backup your photos, videos, or documents. You can use cloud storage like Google Photos, but isn’t it a pain to do these things when you can just continue using your perfectly good iPhone 7 with just minor repair? If you need to really buy a new iPhone, then you should have strong reasons for not having an iPhone 7 repair at the first place. Does the pros outweigh the cons? We seem to agree that it does. The iPhone 7 repair does not only allow you to save more money on your future phone upgrade next year, it will also allow you to buy the things that you really need. Because we tell you, you don’t need to upgrade because Apple tells you to, you can circumvent the system and have an iPhone 7 repair service from our shop.

You don’t have to wait for a service to be completed. We do our iPhone 7 repairs as efficient as possible so you can be on your way in no time. The Sydney CBD iPhone Repairs dedicates itself to quality repair jobs, replacement parts, and customer satisfaction. We offer the best iPhone 7 repair experience to all our clients. Our technicians are experienced smartphone experts who repairs iPhones since the iPhone 4.

So what are you waiting for? Call us at 02 8011 4119 for your iPhone 7 repair. We promise you you won’t regret it. Our iPhone 7 repair technicians will take care of you.

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The iPhone 7 Repair Services we Offer:

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

This service includes a whole replacement of the front glass and touch assembly. Our iPhone 7 screen replacement will leave you satisfied with the new look of your battered iPhone. Have the broken part repaired and keep it for longer.

iPhone 7 Back Glass Replacement

This service will focus more on the damaged back of your iPhone 7. We will apply iPhone 7 back glass replacement upon customer request. We can leave the front glass if it’s not too damaged.

iPhone 7 Charging Port Repair

This service includes a replacement of the charging port of your iPhone 7. We recommend that you have it replaced rather than repaired. An iPhone 7 charging port repair will save you some future damages to your circuit board and battery.

iPhone 7 Camera Outer Glass Replacement

This service will give you a new glass on top of your iPhone 7 camera. Our iPhone 7 camera outer glass replacement will not only give you a more pleasing iPhone 7 camera bump but also clear pictures and videos with no distortions.

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement

This service includes a full replacement service for your iPhone 7 battery. We offer high quality batteries for all our iPhone 7 battery replacement services. You can be sure that the new battery is safe and long lasting so you can enjoy your iPhone 7 smartphone for longer.

iPhone 7 Ear Speaker Replacement

This service includes a replacement of the ear speaker of your iPhone 7. If you can’t hear the person calling you from the other line, chances are you need to have an iPhone 7 ear speaker replacement. This will ensure that your calls will be clear each and every time.

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