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IT'S A LOVELY RED! iPhone 12 Mini Screen Replacement | Sydney CBD Repair Centre

You can’t do this iPhone 12 Mini screen replacement and display fix. Why? Because if you perform a screen replacement on iPhone 12 Mini, the fingerprint data embedded in your old display has to be copied to the replacement screen. Woah. Really? Yes, really. iPhone 12 Mini screen replacement done by our professional technicians are state of the art. We can transfer your fingerprint data to your new display no problem.

However, if you decide to do your own iPhone 12 Mini screen replacement, then you can do it. Just remember that you will not have a fingerprint unlock for your iPhone 12 Mini. Can you live with that? I bet you don’t. So just let the pros do your iPhone 12 Mini screen replacement and display fix today.

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We offer professional, guaranteed, and same day screen replacement on iPhone 12 Mini. You can visit our shop or you can send us your smartphone for repair if you’re outside Sydney, Australia.

Here’s our complete address.

Suite 201, Level 2, 661 George St, Haymarket, NSW 2000

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